Acrobat of divisions

From one edge to the other, at the crossing of the bridge you would see at your left like golden curls from the sun above the water in multiple jumps without any predetermined rhythm. To the right you would turn your gaze to look you would see more water, which the rock cleverly separates in […]

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Look now, how everything reshapes through the transparent glass, different layers in front of the changing backgrounds See how the eyes are lost in the scherzos of this change and now everything melts without any fear of this transformation.   Two pairs of eyes now turn into a fine line – and disappear immediately – […]

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You all live in boxes. I live in a box too.  My box is too small. But I guess box’s size doesn’t really matter. It’s still a box. My box is sometimes dark too. But I guess brightness doesn’t really matter. It’s still a box. These are the boxes we build for ourselves. Our safety-boxes, […]

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